Landscape Paintings

The Sunshine State is full of regions of unspoiled wetlands. Many are between Tampa Bay and the Big Bend area near the Panhandle on Florida’s west coast. They offer breathtaking views of the Sunshine State as it has been for thousands of years. From the colorful, grassy marshlands on the coast to the tall pines and hardwoods that hover over deep pools of clear water inland, Florida provides some of the best landscapes in the world.


LAD_0094 Looking out onto the Gulf of Mexico from Fort De Soto Park on the southwest coast of Florida, fronds on these cabbage palms sway with a gentle gulf breeze. 20X30, oil on canvas, 2016 - $1025. As the sun sets on this Southwest Florida salt marsh, a flock of brown pelicans head toward their evening roost. Not quite in their standard V formation, the birds likely just finished gorging on small fish in marsh estuary. Conservation measures put in place in the 1960s helped bring the birds back from near extinction. 20X30, oil on canvas, 2010 - $520. Amazing how sunlight and a few clouds create an explosion of color on the tall grasses in this marshland on the west coast of central Florida. 8X10, oil on box canvas. $129. 12_9_2017_painting Southwest Florida coast just before soft pines, cedars and oaks give way to the Gulf of Mexico. This is a view from Jenkins Creek in Aripeka, Fla. 8X10, oil on canvas. A hunter so powerful that its prey surrenders upon seeing it. The Osprey, better known around Southwest Florida as the fish hawk, was once believed to entrance fish as it flew over, causing them go belly up at the sight. Transfixed below the surface of this brackish pool near is probably an unlucky trout, resigned to its fate as the main course. 24X36, oil on canvas, 2017 - $950. An early spring afternoon along Jenkins Creek in Hernando County, Fla. The peace and calm of these still waters is broken only occasionally by a jumping mullet. 20X30, oil on canvas, 2010 - $910. This is a quiet spot along Jenkins Creek near Aripeka in Hernando County, Fla. Beyond the deep blue water is a grassy marsh, an estuary for small marine life. A school of jumping mullet may occasionally break the stillness of the water. 19X28, oil on hardboard, 2010 - $649. A lone egret flies over a footbridge over Jenkins Creek in Aripeka, Fla. as winter daylight turns to dusk. 24X30, oil on canvas, 2010 - $663. The hours grow long, the sky along the horizon warms and a quiet calm settles on this south Florida marsh. This painting is from a series I did in 2010 of salt marshes along the coast of Hernando County. 16X30, oil on canvas, 2010 - $665. This flock of brown pelicans fight a brisk winter wind on a coastal marsh in Southwest Florida. Conservation efforts put in place in the 1960s have help the birds come back from near extinction. 30X24, oil on canvas, 2003 - $611. It’s amazing what the setting sun does for color on grassy marshes along the coast of Southwest Florida. 12X20, oil on canvas, 2010 - $300. The tide ebbs as the sun falls lower in the sky, offering a symphony of colors on this southwest Florida coastal marsh in Hernando County. 12X20, oil on canvas, 2010 - $300. Bayou Drive in Weeki Wachee is a scenic route through some of the most spectacular wetlands in Southwest Florida. 12X20, oil on canvas – 2010. $300. The coast between Tampa Bay and the Big Bend Region of Florida is made up of grassy wetlands like the one depicted here. This marsh is just north of Weeki Wachee, Fla. 18X24, oil on canvas, 2010 - $350. This nature trail near Jenkins Creek in Aripeka leads to a respite from the bustle of modern-day Florida, but not from the August heat. – 18X24, oil on canvas, 2010 - $525. These still waters reflect tall grass under a bright midday sky in Southwest Florida. 30x40, oil on canvas, 1999 - $2383. It is late evening on Jenkins Creek in Aripeka, Fla., in Hernando County. A lone white egret makes its way to roost. The calm water below reflects the bird’s graceful beauty. 24X36, oil on canvas, 2010 - $900. This old bridge traverses a tributary of Jenkins Creek near Aripeka, Fla. The waning Sun sets this wetland ablaze with color. 22x28, oil on canvas, 2003 - $900. I thought I’d just set up my easel and paint on the side of the aptly named Alligator Alley in the Big Cypress National Preserve. But as the afternoon turned to evening the sound of croaking gators became intolerable. Thanks to my trusty Nikon, I was able to complete this painting in the comfort (and safety) of my studio. 22X28, oil on canvas, 2003 - $550. A peaceful afternoon in Big Cypress National Preserve near Alligator Alley in south Florida. This painting is from a trip I took through Alligator Alley. 16x20, oil on canvas, 2003 - $600. Blue_Water_Marsh