Reaffirming the Dignity of Enslaved Americans

These portraits recognize the sacrifices and hardships of enslaved Africans. While history overlooks their contributions, some 12 million enslaved people were the backbone of the American economy for more than 400 years.

Each portrait is painted in oils to convey a sense of stateliness, a way to reveal the dignity of each subject; dignity enslavement was unable to steal. A short narrative accompanies each picture to tell the stories of real Americans who endured the dehumanization of chattel slavery.


Sarah_Gudger Robert_Smalls Harriet-Jacobs Sylvester_Magee Emma Crockett – oil on hardboard, 12X16. Betty Bormer – oil on canvas, 12X16. Lizzie Hill – oil on hardboard, 16X20. Charity Anderson – oil on hardboard, 18X24. Shadrack White – oil on hardboard, 16X20. Allen Brown – oil on hardboard, 20X24. Josh Tarbutton – oil on hardboard, 16X20. Ms_Rose_Holman Liverpool Hazard - oil on canvas, 18X24. Mandy Hadnot – oil on linen, 18X24. Cudjo (Cudjoe) Kazoola Lewis – oil on linen, 16X20. Wes Brady – oil on canvas, 16X20. Spence Johnson - oil on linen, 16X20. Mary Brice – oil on canvas, 16X20. Adora Rienshaw – oil on linen, 16X20. Mr. X  - oil on canvas, 16X20.

Unstolen Dignity featured for Black History Month