Western Marsh

Amazing how sunlight and a few clouds create an explosion of color on the tall grasses in this marshland on the west coast of central Florida.

This painting is available for purchase for $129. Please contact me by clicking here if you are interested in owning it or any other painting for sale on this site.

Nature must’ve created coastal salt marshes with an artist’s palette in mind. They are like the rainbow. Sunlight dances on fields of tall grass, shifting colors ever so slightly as it moves from east to west, exploding in a cascade of color before exiting for the night.

These vast regions of unspoiled wetlands between Tampa Bay and the Big Bend area offer breathtaking views of the Sunshine State as it has been for thousands of years. The challenge of capturing the spectacular interplay between light and color is what attracts me to these regions.

Click here if you are interested in owning this painting or any other painting that is for sale on this site.

Size: 8X10, unframed.

Medium: Artist quality oil paint.

Support: Primed boxed canvas.

Date: December 2017.


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